books.jpgWelcome to Great Book Stories!



This is a collaborative wiki space for K-20 students and educators wanting to:

  1. LISTEN AND SEE: Access stories about great books
  2. CREATE: Author original stories about great books
  3. SHARE: Safely share stories about great books with a global audience and receive feedback!



  1. LISTEN AND SEE: View and hear story examples created by other readers! Hear about authors of some great books! Hear some comparisons of books to the movies!
  2. GUIDELINES: Learn how you can be involved and contribute your great book stories to this project!
  3. FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions about our project, with answers



Please contact Karen Montgomery or Wesley Fryer if you have questions about this project! Note we have changed the security settings on this wiki because of problems with spam. You now have to request access to the wiki to edit it.